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This is YOUR chance to make a big difference with very little.  

- Bikes, 500km in 5 days
- We are paying ALL our expenses 
- Your sponsorship will rock these kids' world 
It's tax deductible
- It doesn't have to be much

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What event is it?

A 500km Bike Ride
over 5 Days in the
40° heat of Thailand


ecoMaster’s co-founders Lyn & Maurice have commited to supporting orphaned Thai children in 2017 through the charity Hands Across the Water.

What is Hands Across The Water?

It’s run by this random guy, Peter Baines, to support the orphaned children of Thailand.  To find out why click on "More about Peter".  Remember to come back though!

More about Hands Across The Water More about Peter

“I am SO impressed.”

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Last year HANDS raised $350,000

Zero $ is taken out for Admin fees - it all goes to the kids.

(Rather sad for the administrators don't you think?)

“You both must

be so fit!”

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We take our training pretty seriously... after a few teething problems.




We are paying for ALL of our own expenses for the bike ride.

All of the sponsorship money goes directly to helping the kids.

Will you help the kids?


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Can’t wait to see you in form!”

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We have raised over $10,000


And it wasn't by sipping latte’s all day...



ecoMaster donated all the prize money from winning 

Business of the Year Award


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Did someone say “Tax deduction”?

That's right, your sponsorship donation is tax deductible.
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Go on, be wicked!

Sponsor us for the price of
opening night tickets.

It doesn't cost much to make a huge difference to these children.  

Hands Across the Water have been helping them since the Boxing Day Tsunami. 

Some of the original kids are attending University - how awesome is that! 

We think that random guy, Peter, 
set up a pretty awesome charity.

"You are SO right!"

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